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Our research

A key part of our research relies on us hearing the views and experiences of professionals and parents. You can find out more about how we are doing this by clicking the thumbnails below. 


Exploring professionals' experiences of the prenatal exome sequencing service

We have conducted 60 interviews with professionals across the country to find out how they feel the pES service is being delivered.

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Unheard voices: Understanding Black and South Asian parents' attitudes towards genetic testing in pregnancy

Black and South Asian women and their families are often not included in research studies. This means that we don't know enough about the issues that are important to them.
We would like to know how these women and
their families feel about being offered genetic
tests in pregnancy.


Exploring parents' views of the prenatal exome sequencing service

We have spoken to 36 parents who have been offered pES to understand their counselling and support needs regardless of their decision to undergo testing.

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